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A DJ FOR HIRE offers experience and reliability you can count on for your special occasion. We understand music is an important part of your event, and take every opportunity to provide excellent service so you can relax and enjoy your event.

A DJ FOR HIRE believes good communication is crucial to a successful event, so please include all suggestions, ideas, or requests at our consultation. We know how to create excitement and fun for your event!

Why Hire Us?
  • In business since 1992
  • Fully insured
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Professional, friendly, detail-oriented service
  • Events customized for your tastes, desires and needs
  • Free pre-event consultations
  • Ceremony microphones and music
  • Projector – screens available
  • Back-up equipment is always on site
  • Free set up and take down
Very few people remember the food, the dresses or the flowers but they always remember whether or not they had a good time. Give them the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I hire a professional DJ?

A. You have put a lot of effort into putting on a memorable event. DJ’s do much more than play music they set the mood, provide announcements, and if they do the job right will be a presence without being the star, that would be you and your guests. I-pods are wonderful gadgets, your cousins Uncles brother could do your event but please read the first line of this paragraph again.

Q. I have never hired a DJ, what am I looking for?

A. This is a common question; you normally don’t hire entertainers, DJ’s are for special occasions determine first if you need a professional. DJ’s provide a stress free well produced event, timed announcements, the right music at proper sound levels. If your DJ/MC handles the job correctly he will consult the venue, photographer, or coordinator on your event. The event should run seamlessly with the music you chose, events and announcements that you have picked well beforehand.

Q. How do I find the right DJ?

A. Ask your friends or the venue you plan to have your event. Get a short list and then call and make a personal appointment. Make sure the one you speak with is the one who will be the DJ for your event. Now here is the simplest answer to the right DJ, could you invite that person to your event as a friend? With all things being equal this could be the determining factor.

Q. Can I see you perform?

A. Yes! I do several public events monthly in the Denver metro and Front Range area; unfortunately private events would be closed to all but invited guests.

Q. What happens if you are sick or cannot perform?

A. In the decades past I have never missed an event, but anything is possible. I have on retainer a back-up DJ who can fill in.

Q. What about the music, do I pick all the songs?

A. I like to know what songs you DON’T want to hear, this could be individual songs or entire genres of music. I then find out what you DO LIKE. Most events 12-14 songs per hour can be played. I always suggest you list your MUST HEAR songs, then a secondary list of songs you would like to hear but if you can’t get to, that’s ok. (Many of these secondary songs could be played in the cocktail or dinner hour too).

A good idea is to leave room for songs your guest may request or may invite suggestions on the RSVP.

Some important notes on music, my personal rule if you have to lean to hear a conversation at a table it is too loud. I find it more important for family and friends to enjoy conversation. There will be plenty of sound on the dance floor.

Q. You may not have the songs I want?

A. I will have them or will find them. Currently I provide a USB stick to download your songs. You may keep the USB stick after you event.

Q. So I have hired a DJ, (hopefully me) now what?

A. We would fill out a contract, sign and exchange a deposit if applicable. Most events have a required deposit with final payment of balance on the day of the event. Of course any payment arrangement can be made in advance by making pre-payments with cash, check or credit card.

A wedding event you would receive a reception planner (or download from this site), or we could discuss your event at this meeting if you wish to hire me. On most occasions you would take the reception planner home and either mail or email back to me. We can also set-up another meeting to work out all the details when convenient for you. Most any or all details can be worked on over the phone or by email correspondence.

Q. I don’t know how I want the event or wedding to run?

A. My first response is there is no wrong way, but there is your way. The good news you have hired a professional DJ who will put you at ease on whatever you chose.

Wedding events - the reception planner is an excellent guide. My only suggestion is to group any or all elements soon after dinner for maximum exposure to your guests, it will provide the photographer ample opportunity for quality shots and he or she can soon depart. Grouping all events soon after dinner will give you time to relax and enjoy the rest of the night of dancing and visiting. This is an opportunity to also incorporate any special events, weddings, birthdays or family traditions into the presentation.

Corporate-private parties would incorporate any speeches or event plans into the presentation. We can also provide karaoke, trivia, bingo and several other entertainment choices or include our DJ/MC music presentation. A DJ FOR HIRE can provide a projector and screen for power point or slide presentations using your computer or multimedia equipment.

Sound reinforcement

Professional sound reinforcement and MC Service can be provided for parades, political events, car shows, or any possible event requiring microphones/ music or just clear professional sound.

Q. I am a tech person what kind of equipment do you have?

A. This changes on occasion but generally main system components remain the same
  • 2 Dell Laptops
  • Denon mixer
  • Denon computer interface
  • Cortex USB dac drive
  • American DJ USB/Mixer/Backup
  • 1 Cortex USB dual drive player (computer based system)
  • 1 American DJ USB-SD card single drive player (computer based system)
  • 2 QSC K8 main speakers
  • 2 JBC G10 backup speakers
  • 2 Remote DJ systems (battery or AC powered) speaker with built in mixer and multiple mic inputs or musical instrument pick-up capable
On-site I have over 100,000 songs but it remains important that you provide a list of your personal favorites. Even with this amount of music I may not have a particular song, A song data base can be provided for your review.

Hopefully this will answer a majority of your questions, but I may have missed something please call or email me at anytime.

970-690-7115 - adjforhire@msn.com
A DJ For Hire - If you want your wedding or event to have the perfect music!!

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